Our History

This 10 year art project was started from a massive collection of vintage t-shirts and irons-ons from the Verne Holoubek collection. With a barn full of art spanning from the early 60s' to the mid 80s' we started by reissuing some of these amazing finds. In 2003, we decided turn our vintage t-shirt addiction into a business. In 2004 we moved from Brooklyn to Milwaukee, we rented a small warehouse and got to work. After countless hours designing and numerous tradeshows, the brand started to take hold in boutiques around the US. With a great combination of small stores and mid-size specialty chains, Heavy Rotation grew fast. Over the last 10 years, we have created over 35 collections for artistic t-shirt lovers around the world.

Our T-shirt Manifesto

The printed t-shirt is quite powerful. It has been known to create, change and mirror pop culture simultaneously. Our goal is to do just this, influence and reflect facets of human culture, using the power of the t-shirt. This is no easy task. One size does not fit all, nor can one design fit the youth of the world. In February, we wake up to 4 degree weather, dig ourselves out of 16 inches of snow, and make our way down to the shop to design, create, and ship our clothing around the world. These long winter days help fuel the creativity that goes into Heavy Rotation. Authenticity, innovation, and quality are key ingredients in everything we do. We are not driven by money, fame, or the 3 finger rings that come with our world’s typical version of success. Our version of success comes in the form of seeing our shirts worn until they fall apart. Never underestimate the power of a t-shirt.